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Gage Building Completed

Alexander & Associates, Ltd. is pleased to say that the restoration of the Gage Group at 18-24 South Michigan Avenue is complete.

The work comprised terra cotta restoration and replaceme... More →

3410 N. Lake Shore Drive Roof Deck

The new roof deck at 3410 North Lake Shore Drive is nearing completion. The new deck replaces a roof level deck with a raised deck which allows for better views and more amenities for residents of ... More →

24 South Michigan Avenue nearing completion

With the mild temperatures this winter, scheduled work was able to accelerate in schedule to enable the facade of the 24 South Michigan Avenue of the Gage Building to near completion before the mai... More →

Alexander & Associates, Ltd. is a full-service firm offering the combined experience of 84 years of architectural practice. The essential ingredient to our broad based professional practice is the "hands-on" approach to any building project. Prompt and efficient response on a personal basis to our clients' needs coupled with our technical expertise and a thorough knowledge of the building process have proven to be our most important qualifications.More →