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Chicago Jewish Funerals Honored

Chicago Jewish Funerals was recently honored with a mention among several international funeral homes and chapels, the only one in the United States, we might mention, in an article by Elisa Weiss.... More →

Winston Towers 5 Garage Restoration Complete

Alexander & Associates, Ltd. is pleased to announce the substantial completion of the concrete restoration work at Winston Towers 5 parking garage.

The membrane and parking striping are ... More →

1420 North Lake Shore Drive Door Replacement

The life safety door replacement project at 1420 North Lake Shore Drive is underway. Alexander & Associates were hired to develop specifications and supervise construction at this vintage resid... More →

Alexander & Associates, Ltd. is a full-service firm offering the combined experience of 84 years of architectural practice. The essential ingredient to our broad based professional practice is the "hands-on" approach to any building project. Prompt and efficient response on a personal basis to our clients' needs coupled with our technical expertise and a thorough knowledge of the building process have proven to be our most important qualifications.More →