Alexander & Associates LTD

339 West Barry Condominium339 West Barry Street Chicago, IL

  • Contact

    Mr. Jay E. Burris
    Property Manager
    PM Community Specialist (formerly The Tulip Corp.)
    919 North Michigan Avenue Suite 1705
    Chicago, IL 60611

  • Description

    26 story apartment building with reinforced concrete balconies.  Balconies have steel railings.

  • Construction Cost


  • Completion Date

    Autumn 1989

Scope of Services

ALEXANDER & ASSOCIATES, LTD. was asked to review the condition of the balcony railings which had been in a corroded state for some time.  After preparation of railing repair specifications and bidding out the project to a number of ornamental iron contractors, it was determined that complete replacement rather than partial repair would be most advantageous. During the course of railing replacement operations, ALEXANDER & ASSOCIATES, LTD. performed construction administration services, which included periodic inspections and payout verification.