Alexander & Associates LTD

The Gage Group18-24 South Michigan Avenue Chicago, IL

  • Client

    The Gage Group
    18-24 South Michigan Avenue
    Chicago, IL

  • Description

    12-story historic landmark building designed by Holabird and Roche with terra cotta facade designed at the request of tenant by Louis Sullavan. The buildings were completed in 1899 with an additional four stories added in 1904.

  • Restoration Cost


  • Completion Date

    Summer 2017

Scope of Services

ALEXANDER & ASSOCIATES, LTD. was pleased and proud to have been chosen for the exterior rehabilitation of the historic Gage Group facades. The project encompassed full tuckpointing of the masonry, including brick and terra cotta, replacement of damaged terra cotta elements, restoration of the existing cornices, window repair and painting and other restoration items throughout the facades.


The project required extensive hands-on time and numerous inspections as part of the construction phase of the project. Many lost terra cotta elements were recreated from damaged pieces of terra cotta and historic photographs, improving the aesthetic and historic quality of the building. Additionally, as much of the existing terra cotta was preserved and restored to keep the building in as original a state as possible, while improving the condition helping it to face the next hundred years with confidence.