Alexander & Associates LTD

Dearborn Park TownhomesSouth 9th Street & Plymouth court Chicago, IL

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    Mr. Ronald Heilbrunn
    Property Manager
    325 West Huron Street Suite 415
    Chicago, IL 60610

  • Description

    7 cluster masonry & wood frame townhome complex.  Exterior building & garden walls constructed of concrete brick.

  • Construction Cost


  • Completion Date

    Autumn 1990

Scope of Services

Originally built in the mid-1970's, this townhouse complex had been experiencing extensive unsightly cracking of the exterior concrete brick facades, and the deterioration of many freestanding masonry garden walls.  ALEXANDER & ASSOCIATES, LTD. was called upon to investigate the cause(s) of the wall cracking and deterioration of the garden walls.  It was ultimately decided to introduce masonry control joints (there were none originally) into the complex to control the cracking.  It was also decided to add waterproofing at the foundation of the freestanding garden walls in order to reduce the wicking of moisture up into the wall themselves. ALEXANDER & ASSOCIATES, LTD. was responsible for the preparation of drawings and specifications.  Following this, responsibilities included bid solicitations and construction administration. Upon completion, unit owners realized a drastic increase in the resale value of the properties.