Alexander & Associates LTD

Montauk Manor1261 North Paulina Street Chicago, IL

  • Contact

    Ms. Pamela Lawrence
    Property Manager
    Murphy Hull Management
    1621 West Walnut Suite 202
    Chicago, IL 60612

  • Description

    8 story, apartment building in the Wicker Park neighborhood.  Steel frame with brick and terra cotta exterior walls.

  • Construction Cost


  • Completion Date

    Summer 1998

Scope of Services

When the terra cotta cornice of this 84 year old building collapsed, ALEXANDER & ASSOCIATES, LTD. was called upon to perform an aerial inspection of the failure and to provide recommendations for immediate and long term repairs.  The cornice failure was the result of extreme corrosion of steel roof outriggers.  Repair recommendations included replacement of the heavy terra cotta with lightweight synthetic materials and new structural steel outriggers. Services included an aerial inspection of both street frontage elevations including the area of failure, followed by inspections during dismantlement of the cornice.  Services also included meetings with City of Chicago Building Department officials and with members of the condominium Board of Directors.