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Wood Porches and Decks Chicago, IL

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    City of Chicago CodesFollowing the 2003 tragic porch collapse, the City of Chicago issued a revised cod

Scope of Services

Alexander & Associates, Ltd. has completed the designs for wooden back porches all over Chicago.  We work with individual building’s needs to maintain the character and use of the existing building.  In many instances, existing porches were replaced with larger porches that are more functional.  Wood porches have become an extension of the residence and are an integral part of the City’s unique fabric.  Alexander & Associates, Ltd. is working to allow these structures to continue to flourish, while ensuring their safety.

Current & Completed Porch Projects:
2608 North Dayton Porches
6323 North Magnolia Porches
2133 West Crystal Porches
516-522 West Wrightwood Porches
2557 West Augusta Porch replacement
8100 South Crandon Porches
2950 North Sheffield Porch
5311 North Kenmore Avenue Porches
70 East Cedar Roof Deck
758 North Larrabee Street
Block “X” Roof Decks
1430 North Lake Shore Drive Deck and Balconies
219 East Lake Shore Drive Roof Deck
Dearborn Village Roof Decks
1414 North Wells Roof Decks

3410 North Lake Shore Drive Roof Deck