Alexander & Associates LTD

The Stonebraker Residence920 Bluff Street Glencoe, IL

  • Client

    The Stonebraker Family
    920 Bluff Street
    Glencoe, IL

  • Contact

    Mr. Kelly Stonebraker
    920 Bluff Street
    Glencoe, IL 60035

  • Description

    Two (2) story single family residence in north suburban Glencoe.

  • Construction Cost


  • Completion Date

    September 2004

Scope of Services

In the winter of 2003, Kelly and Deborah Stonebraker came to Alexander & Associates, Ltd. to remodel the exterior of their dryvit home in order to increase its resale value. Initially, they had hoped to change the elevation entirely to masonry, but once it was determined that the roof overhang was not great enough to accomodate the additional 5" of brick veneer, other options were explored. Alexander & Associates, Ltd. originated the idea of using masonry on the ground floor only and stucco on the upper floor separated by a limestone banding to allow water to shed off the building. This would maintain the character of the building, while increasing its value. During construction it was discovered that the windows throughout the house were leaking and causing mold to develop within the exterior wall construction. To correct these problems, all of the windows were removed and reinstalled with new Tyvek flashing. The Stonebraker house improved its appearance by abandoning its dull exterior for a richer, more natural looking one that will be much more attractive and marketable.