Alexander & Associates LTD

Highland Oaks PlazaWeiland Road & Deerfield Parkway Buffalo Grove, IL

  • Description

    3 acre, 20 unit strip shopping center located at the busy intersection of Weiland Road and Deerfield Parkway in Buffalo Grove.

  • Completion Date

    Autumn 1989

Scope of Services

Highland Oaks Plaza was the second shopping center Alexander & Associates, Ltd. completed for the Nordon Company, the first being the Clark & Benson Shopping Center in Evanston.  It was one of the early strip malls in Buffalo Grove and it is located on previously undeveloped farmland.  It was a pioneer development in what was to become a major strip mall boom in the Buffalo Grove area.  In order to attract shoppers, it was important to provide a covered walkway between stores.  The owner also wanted to maintain a residential feel throughout the development.  This was done by using several smaller scale roofs to break up the large building and masonry throughout.  Alexander & Associates, Ltd. repeated the mansard roofs from a neighboring development to tie it into its surroundings.  Services included design, contract documents, bid solicitation and construction administration.